CBD + Curcumin Complex

Natural and Water Soluble

Price : $ 49.99 (30 mL) 300mg CBD

Our furry, four-legged friends have hard days, just as we do. BioReigns has formulated a daily CBD/Curcumin Complex to aid our loyal companions and make their day end as peacefully as yours. Our 100% water-soluble CBD/Curcumin Complex allows pets to take full advantage of the BioReigns water-soluble CBD tinctures, just like we do. We recommend starting with 1ml a day depending on the size of your pet. Please check the BioReigns Pet Tincture chart in order to view full dosage recommendations for your pet’s size/weight. Download The Pet Tincture Dosage Chart Here


300mg Water-soluble CBD/Curcumin Complex, Sterile DI Water, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative)


Use dosage chart to determine recommended dosage. Place under tongue or in pet’s water. Increase dosage as needed.

  • Use dropper for more precise dosage.
  • Please consult the pet tincture dosage chart for proper dosages.

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